Quantum leap often start with small steps

Vision without strategy, discipline and dedication is as good as dead on arrival.

Do you sincerely think the transformation of Nigeria is possible without effectively checkmating vested interest within and without?

Whoever is serious about making Nigeria work again, must fashion out how to effectively handle the Nigeria political class and their cronies in the business circles profiting from the present system of rot and decay; western powers- UK, USA and China; Multilateral Organisations- WHO, World Bank, IMF, and International NGOs such as Transparency International.

Make no mistake, our job is not a small one. But if we work intelligently, doing the little Within our reach, one step at a time, it can be “Checkmate” before the powers that be understand what is going on.

A better Nigeria is possible. How we utilise our gathering here will go a long way in determining how soon the nation will be able to celebrate this long awaited dream.

As we celebrate Workers Day today, let us keep in mind that the progress of any society depends on the ability of the ordinary folks to make their timely contribution, sacrifice and dedication for the good of all.

Progress is never brought by standing or watching from the sidelines.

We need not border ourselves about doing the big things for now. Let’s start with the little we can from where we are and with what we have.

“Quantum leap often start with small steps”

The future is in our hands, and together we can make the difference.

God bless our dear country, Nigeria and all those genuinely committed to her restoration.