What you think is what you see


What you think is what you see, and what you see, is what you get.

We (Nigerians) have spent so much time highlighting the problems of the country to the point that, every discussion about Nigeria either in public or private settings is almost always about how the country has failed or is failing.

Comments after comments, articles after articles, news clips after news clips, and posts after posts, everything you read or see is how and why the country is not progressing, and why she may never progress.

We need to make a swift break from the attitude and culture of always focusing or highlighting the country’s problems without suggesting any possible solution.

Moving forward, @Civicengagement will serve as a “Solution Colony.”

Reference to any particular problem or issue about the country, should be backed up with a possible solution/ line of action as well as a person or group to take the lead step.

We truly need to spend more time thinking and dwelling on possible solutions to those ‘plenty’ draw backs we have observed about our country.

Let’s post, chat, discuss and engage on the basis of sound ideas for Nigeria’s transformation.

If we can think it, we can achieve it.

God Bless Nigeria!