This current global reality is an eye opener to two important things amongst other insightful lessons.

1. That war is not the most powerful threat to human existence and activity.
2. Love indeed binds us together.

This should take us to that space where we really need to ask ourselves about what really counts?

Spending billions on weapons of destruction does not count, equipped health care system does count.

Building genuine relationships count, resolving conflict through war doesn’t.

Teamwork really does count as no man is an island.

Peace counts, violence does not count.

Love certainly counts and should be given top priority against hate and negative vibes.

Investing quality time in relationships really does count as this is one solid rock to lean on in time of crisis.

Being sensitive to the needs of others counts, selfishness doesn’t.

Humility counts but pride doesn’t.

Listening to understand others does count, being judgmental does not.

Reaching out and being there for others does really count.

Wiping those tears from someone’s cheeks does count.

Paying attention to what really counts will bring about the right perspective to life and living.

Share what really count to you?